• IIF Fintech Intensive

    An event that brought together FinTech startups with Institute of International Finance member banks for an immersive experience to solve the global financial service industry’s biggest challenges and opportunities. 
    SAN FRANCISCO • MAY 20, 2015

    Institute of International Finance

    The Institute of International Finance, Inc. is a global trade group of over 450 of the world's leading banks and finance houses in more than 70 countries.

    Immersive problem solving with 4 curated FinTech startups.

    Hands-on experience with Zero-to-Test™
    Direct feedback on new tech from actual customers.
    IIF Intensive SharkTank.

    IIF's Charter

    Provide analysis and research on emerging markets and other global finance issues. Influence the public debate on policies of multilateral agencies. Exchange views and dialogue with policy-makers and regulators

  • Highlights

    "That's what I think was really exciting. Everybody walked out of the room with something tangible to talk to their colleagues about and something tangible to explore as next steps."
    -  Conan French,
    FinTech Advisor
    Institute of International Finance

  • Executive Summary

    On May 20, 2015, at SC Studios, the Silicon Valley innovation lab of Standard Chartered Bank, four mature, global-ready, FinTech startups convened with four global financial institutions. The attendees worked through a series of experimental exercises designed to accelerate business development.

    IIF's Conan French working with Anatoly Kvitnitsky,Trulioo's Director of Corporate Development

    Bringing solutions to the market

    "We are looking at ways that we as an organization can better help and create those connections between the new technologies, platforms and capabilities in the marketplace and our membership,” says Conan French, FinTech advisor of the Institute of International Finance, the event sponsor. 

    "I was exited to see the startup organization come together with representatives of financial services industry and not only talk about and demo the products they have in the market today, but explore what problems they are looking to solve in the future and how they might be able to collaborate or work out a commercial basis to be able to bring those solutions to market."
    IIF's Conan French working with Anatoly Kvitnitsky,Trulioo's Director of Corporate Development

    Deal accelerator lab

    The experiments are a joint effort between SC Studios and Alliance.SV, a deal accelerator lab focused on bank-startup collaboration. At the heart of the lab is Zero-to-Test™, a hands-on methodology that brings together design thinking, rapid prototyping, data-driven experiment design and is rooted in Lean Startup and agile software development.  
    “Bank IT processes are typically well suited for large-scale infrastructure projects. They are designed to mitigate implementation and operational risks of key systems,” says Tac Leung, founder of Alliance.SV. “But they are not generally well-suited for disruptive innovation projects that are more open-ended. It’s like applying the planning process for building a bridge or a dam to a mountaineering expedition. At Alliance.SV, we teach bank executives to work with startups as expedition teams." 
    Diagramming Jumio's Netverify user experience

    Tangible next steps

    The five-stage methodology starts with a half-day working session to match portfolios of the latest stable and proven technologies coming out of Silicon Valley and other innovation hubs with executive problem owners to identify high-value business cases - local or global "value peaks". The best-matched pairs then explore and received feedback on their potential solutions from neutral third-parties and experts - mapping the routes and probing the landscape leading to those peaks.
    "And that's what I think was really exciting,” says French. "Everybody walked out of the room with something tangible to talk to their colleagues about and something tangible to explore as next steps."

    Instant Credit Card & ID Scanning‎

    As a follow-up to the event, Marc Barach, Jumio's CMO spoke at the IIF North America Summit in New York on a mobile banking panel.  He joined with Gavin Michael, Head of Digital at Chase and Heather Cox, Chief Client Experience at Citi and was able to discuss Jumio solutions to a broad industry audience. 

    Business Analytics Software

    Quid was invited to participate in a data solutions panel at the same IIF North America Summit in New York. Unfortunately they were not able to attend due to the short time frame.

    Global Identity Verification

    IIF has maintained contact and will be including Trulioo in their KYC, AML/ATF regulatory solutions activities going forward. 

    The First Smart Enterprise Network

    WhoKnows will be invited to deliver a web demo to the IIF economics and regulatory staff of more than 50 people regarding their solution for potential use at the IIF.

  • Download the report

    Data Report

    At the conclusion of each 15-minute introduction and demo round, the bank representatives and start ups rated each other on 3 questions. The questions scored on a 10-point scale with a maximum possible combined (bank+startup) score of 60:

      • 0-10, NPS (Net Promoter Score): Would you recommend this business entity to a friend or colleague?
      • 0-10, Match: Does startup provide a solution for one of your problems?
      • 0 or 10, Follow Up: Would you like to follow up with startup?

    These scores made transparent which startups and financial institutions were best matched and had the highest-potential business cases. In the next phase of the day, the best-matched pairs then explored business cases and received feedback on their potential solutions from neutral 3rd parties and experts.


  • Agenda

    SAN FRANCISCO • MAY 20, 2015





    Solution Testing



  • Zero to Test™

    An accelerated approach to vetting new product collaboration and co-investment opportunities between IIF, member banks and startups

  • Zero-to-Test™ in action

    Stage 1 

    5x15 Matching case study

    Stage 1

    Data report case study (password: summit)

    Stage 3

    In-market testing case study (password: summit)